Ambush: Manoeuvre that involves hiding in order to surprise the enemy

Barracks: Building in which soldiers are housed

Barter: Trade one good for another

Battery: Group of cannons

Bayonet: Type of sword affixed to the tip of a musket

Boots: Pieces of wood that were tightened around a convict�s legs as a form of torture

Canton: Square next to a cross on a flag

Capitulation: The act by which an army surrenders to the enemy

Colonists: Residents of the colonies

Diagonal (on the): Border cut at an angle

Epidemic: Large number of cases of the same disease (flu epidemic)

Famine: Significant lack of food

Flint: Stone that sparks when struck against iron

Frizzen: Steel musket part on which flint is struck

Gangrene: Decay of a part of the body due to insufficient blood supply

Garrison: Troops stationed in a fortified work

Grenadier: Soldier specialized in grenade launching

Head-to-foot: Describes the position of two objects or people placed next to each other, with one upside-down (or from head to foot)

Hierarchy: An ascending or descending series of elements ranked according to their importance or value

Impetuousness: Characteristic of that which is violent, hasty, and quick tempered

Infamy: A state of dishonour or shame

Infantry: Soldiers who fight on foot

Influx: Mass arrival of a liquid, people, or things

Larceny: Minor theft

Livre: Old coin or a unit of weight

Military hierarchy: Classification of titles of military personnel based on their level of importance

Militia: Consolidation of militiamen

Militiaman: Citizen of the colonies capable of taking up arms and reinforcing a regular army

Mitre: Tall triangular service hat

Omens: Signs that seem to predict the future

Ounce: Old coin or a unit of weight

Outbuildings: Annex buildings adjacent to the main one

Palavers: Never-ending discussions

Pallet: Terrible bed

Pitched battle: In lines, in formation

Priming pan: Small container on a weapon where the gunpowder is placed

Provisions: Food

Raid: Military blitz operation

Redoubt: Isolated military construction and autonomous

Recruit: New soldier

Rituals: Traditional ceremonies

Sentences: Punishments

Sentinel: Soldier who keeps guard

Seven Years� War (1) or French and Indian War (2) or War of the Conquest (3): Three names for the same war from the point of view of the Europeans and English Canadians (1), Americans (2), or French Canadians (3)

Shipwreck: Total or partial loss of a ship due to an accident

Siege: All of the operations carried out to take a stronghold

Skirmishes: Minor battles among isolated soldiers

Sovereign: King or Queen

Spirits: Alcohol

Stake: Block of wood on which a person condemned to be decapitated placed his or her head

Subject: Person subjected to the authority of the king

Take up arms: Go to battle

Thirteen Colonies: Name of the British colonies in North America

Tuque: Wool stocking cap

Whipping post:Punishment in which the convict is put on public display

Winter quarters: Place where military troops are lodged during the winter

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